I was investigating different bird species and bird breeding which led me to the understanding that the diet of a house finch is high in Carotenoids which gives them their bright red coloring. At the same time I started reading about the advances of genomic technology and the efforts molecular biologists are working on with the idea of reviving endangered species and the possibility to bring back to life extinct species. The Flagship project that is being studied is to bring back the extinct Passenger Pigeon by using the DNA of preserved specimens found in natural history museums.  The DNA fragments from the extinct species' skin samples will be engineered with it's closest living species, the band-tailed pigeon to eventually recreate as close as possible the extinct bird .

This began my speculation on how art could inspire this new strain of nature and what these advances in science could do to engineer an existing bird species with the DNA of a painting to create a beautiful new subspecies. I have created these new breeds by thinking about how a certain birds' patterning and color could match the DNA of a painting. The birds are painted on reference books I found in used bookstores and online that have helped in researching this work, once you remove the dust jacket a ready made canvas exists.